FIR (far infrared rays) are what cause the sensation of warmth when the skin is exposed to the sun. FIR can penetrate the skin without causing damage. Upon contact with tissues in the body, FIR energy converts into heat. Heat energy excites molecules, causing them to micro-vibrate. This causes blood vessels to dilate, in turn boosting blood flow, and improving the supply of vital nutrients and oxygen, thus helping the body to repair itself.

Increased blood flow also helps to rid unwanted substances such as metabolic waste, heavy metals, residual medicines, and other toxins from the body. Heating by FIR and associated cellular activities cause sweating which is the body’s natural way of cooling itself. Unwanted substances are thereby excreted from the blood stream through sweat. The Sweat Color Chart summarizes observations of sweat color associated with various conditions.

Toxins and free radicals are generally considered to be a cause of chronic disease. Since negative ions (anions) act as antioxidants to neutralize toxins and free radicals in the body, Lava Steam thereby addresses a root cause of chronic disease. In addition, detoxifying and removing free radicals from the blood stream improve the blood’s ability to cleanse and recuperate, thus improving the health and functioning of the organs through which the blood circulates.




More on Benefits of Negative Ions

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It is well accepted that accumulation of toxins and cellular disrepair are two key causes of chronic ailments. Negative ions address both.

There are various sources of toxins. They include chemicals in our diet, pollution in the air and water, residual medications, metabolic wastes, etc. Left in the body, these toxins can cause harm and aggravate bodily systems. Negative ions act as antioxidant to neutralize various toxins. In doing so, negative ions prevent the harmful effects of toxins.


At a fundamental level, cellular repair is regulated by a balance between the complementary sympathetic nervous system and parasympathetic nervous system. Toxins heighten “fight-or-flight” activities stimulated by the sympathetic nervous system, thus suppressing “rest-and-digest” activities stimulated by the parasympathetic nervous system. Accumulated toxins therefore increase free radicals (which result from “fight-or-flight” activities), causing increased damage to cells, and while at the same time causing suppression of cellular repair. In neutralizing toxins and preventing their harmful effects, negative ions thus also keep them from causing suppression of cellular repair.

Chronic stress, which has become increasingly commonplace, causes prolonged heightening of “fight-or-flight” activities, and suppresses cellular repair as a result. In this case, negative ions can help to restore the balance between the sympathetic nervous system and parasympathetic nervous system, thus reviving cellular repair and bodily recovery.

These fundamental benefits of negative ions can work together to promote holistic rejuvenation of the body. Proper repair of blood vessel cells prevents blood vessels from thickening and hardening. Negative ions also help to keep the blood clean by neutralizing harmful particles, which both prevents clogging and improves the blood’s ability to transport vital nutrients to cells and toxins away from them. This promotes healthful cellular activities, and in turn improves organ functioning. Negative ions can therefore be a key to holistic general health improvement.


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How does Lava Steam differ from regular
steam bathing or sauna?

With regular steam baths or saunas, sweating usually ceases ten to 20 minutes after bathing. With Lava Steam, one sweats deeply — and the sweating continues for 30 to 60 minutes afterwards. This is the deep sweat difference.

In regular steam baths or saunas, external heat penetrates to the lower layer of the skin which causes the body to begin to sweat. However this shallow sweat prevents the heat from penetrating further. Shallow sweat cools the body but does not help to detoxify it.

Sweat caused by Lava Steam is due to FIR penetrating more than five centimeters into the skin, even into internal organs and bone marrow. Such deep sweat thus carries with it toxins and other unwanted substances accumulated deep inside the body. Heat that is inside the body is much harder to cool. That is why deep sweating, and the accompanying detoxification, continue for 30 to 60 minutes after a Lava Steam session.

Since using Lava Steam to stimulate the body to heal itself has been highly effective, we expect imitators to emerge soon. Keys to Lava Steam’s effectiveness are its proprietary 708 Energy Rocks, as well as the way the system is designed. Over 15 years have been spent studying the special properties of 708 Energy Rocks and developing and refining the associated system. We believe the unique properties of 708 Energy Rocks would be difficult to imitate, and an overall system would have to undergo years of development and refinement before it would be satisfactorily effective. We therefore urge caution with potential imitators, and we wish you good health.