The Science Behind Lava Steam

Lava Steam simultaneously delivers far infrared rays (FIR) and anions (also known as negative ions) deep inside the body. This stimulates excretion of toxins accumulated in the body through sweat glands, resulting in detoxification. Anions can also eliminate extra reactive oxygen species (free radicals) and help to restore balance in the body’s systems. They effectively aid cell self-healing, helping organs of the body to recuperate and strengthen, therefore improving bodily functions.

The secret to the Lava Steam technique is the unique spa vessel lined with our proprietary 708 Energy Rock, a Japanese tourmaline unique to only one region in the world. When heated, 708 Energy Rock emits both FIR and anions. The combined use of these together results in a level of detoxification and cellular repair far more thorough than that of Western saunas because of the nature of the deep sweat that Lava Steam induces. The rocks themselves, however, stay cool to the touch, and the temperature within your private spa remains much lower than that in a traditional sauna. Although temperatures will rise to 42 degrees Celcius in your private spa, you warm up to it gradually and in a relaxing manner. This makes Lava Steam ideal for those who cannot healthfully use a sauna or who desire a non-stressful alternative to exercising.

With regular steam baths or saunas, external heat penetrates to the lower layer of the skin for a shallow sweat that cools the body but does not fully detoxify it. With Lava Steam, the deep sweating penetrates more than five centimeters into the skin, even into internal organs and bone marrow. Such deep sweat thus carries with it toxins and other unwanted substances accumulated deep inside the body.



Look Better Outside


Lava Steam Natural Detox Spa offers an authentic Eastern steam-bath to those seeking a time-tested way to look and feel younger. Lava Steam induces deep sweating and increased heart rate to detoxify your body without the physical stress of strenuous exercise or the fatiguing heat of a conventional sauna. Our truly unique detoxification experience is as relaxing and rejuvenating as being warmed by the morning sun.

The LavaBene concept is akin to the far-infrared (FIR) sauna that uses FIR to create heat. A traditional sauna uses heat to warm the air, which in turns warms your body. An FIR sauna heats your body directly without warming the air around you. Compared with man-made FIR saunas, however, LavaBene is completely natural and without the risks and side effects of man-made FIR sources.

Twenty Years of Rejuvenating Benefits


Lava Steam will improve your holistic well-being by getting rid of the toxins from your blood stream and organs, including free radicals, lactate, radiation, residual alcohol, residual medications, chemicals and heavy metals from the air, food, and water. It not only relieves chronic health problems (such as fatigue, migraine, aches and pains, itchiness, soreness, and stiffness) but rejuvenates your skin to leave it looking smoother and younger.

Our one-of-a-kind detoxification is a tried and true Chinese practice, patented in Taiwan and China and patent-pending in the United States. This highly sought-after therapy has been successfully used for more than 20 years by the women of China and Taiwan to help them regain their youthful vigor, as well as by Chinese and Taiwanese hospitals to relieve suffering of patients from various chronic ailments caused by toxins. Chinese Olympians have also begun incorporating the therapy into their workout regimens to detoxify and optimize their fitness levels.

The Lava Steam Therapy Process


Step 1: Ease into your private single-person pod for the Lava Steam detoxification therapy. The goal is to sit, steam and relax for 20 – 30 minutes as your body flushes out toxins through a thorough, deep sweat. Enjoy complimentary alkaline water during your steam to help keep you hydrated. Clients desiring ultimate detoxification visit 3 times per week and more frequently in the summer.

Step 2: Retire to our plush sofa to rest and drink more water to help reinvigorate you. Your body will continue to flush out excess toxins for 30 minutes or longer after the therapy. If time allows, the client can step into our private shower area to rinse off excess sweat and toxins.

Step 3: It is highly recommended and essential for structural balance that clients follow their rejuvenating steam with a Structural Energetic Therapy® session. Achieve ultimate relaxation as one of our SET Therapists facilitates a personalized cranial/structural protocol that unwinds the entire body and corrects structural distortion patterns. This is followed by soft tissue protocols that encourage releases of myofascial holding patterns that maintain distortions and pain, resulting in a lightness that needs to be felt to believe!

The Only Spa of Our Kind in the US


Enjoy the rejuvenating benefits of Lava Steam spa therapy in a traditional Chinese setting, right here in Houston! Located in Chinatown, our beautiful wellness center offers state-of-the-art essentials nestled in a warm and inviting atmosphere.

In fact, we are proud to be the first – and only – spa of our kind in the entire United States.