My work with Structural Energetic Therapy® and rehabilitative bodywork has been the most rewarding and enlightening journey I have ever experienced. When I think about how I began, I am reminded of how I was meant to do this work, and to share SET and my story.

When I was younger, I fell very ill. Peculiarly enough, I had gotten a MMR vaccine in the left deltoid a week before I had any symptoms of stinging and burning near my left clavicle. The doctor that gave me the vaccine simply told me it was a rash and it would go away soon. I remember specifically inquiring if the vaccine I received had any relation to my current symptoms, to which he replied with a very unconvincing no. It took almost two weeks to figure out I had the shingles at age 15. The pain was excruciating and its location was so awkward, next to my left ear and down my neck, shoulder and chest. Unfortunately the herpes zoster virus affected my left ganglion nerve and the entire side of my face was paralyzed.

I woke up one day in confusion; I couldn’t feel or control my eyelid, mouth or cheek muscles. No longer could I blink, smile, eat, drink, brush my teeth or sleep correctly. All I heard from doctors was doubt, that I would most likely never regain the majority of mobility back and they only gave me medication to dull the pain and my senses. In my ignorance and fear, I took the prescriptions, not knowing that to me and my body, the long-term effects of these steroids and pain medications would far outweigh the pain I was feeling then. My mother, a licensed massage therapist at the time, sought for any alternative. I was relieved that we found some hope. After consistent acupuncture therapy, I was finally able to feel the left side of my face again and I just knew there was a way for me to gain mobility back.

After even more searching, my mother found a Structural Energetic Therapy® Practitioner in Houston and before long we were commuting downtown for weekly sessions. Soon, I was definitely feeling better inside and out. After about two months of consistent therapy, one soft tissue protocol opened up into an emotional release and Mr. Perry coached me through my first breath session. It was extraordinary and intense and truly amazing to experience how my own deep breathing could bring about self-healing in a powerful and underestimated way. It was this breath session that was the catalyst to gaining mobility back in the left side of my face. Structural Energetic Therapy® gave me back the functionality to smile again! I was able to unwind out of distortion patterns I didn’t know that I was living in and I was standing taller and straighter than ever.

Although I went on to study other things after high school, I needed to know how I was able to recover and beat the odds. I made the choice to further my education in massage therapy with the ultimate goal to become a Structural Energetic Therapy® Practitioner. Going through schooling and then traveling to Tampa for monthly training for a year was challenging at times, but seeing the difference I was making in people’s lives made it all completely worth it. I needed to let people know that there is way. I wanted to become an example of how, even when there are those telling you can’t, you can! I needed to let people know that there are alternatives to pharmaceuticals and surgery. I want to share with the world that our bodies are capable of facilitating great self-healing when in the right conditions.


Since I was a child I have been interested in the human structure. I dreamed of becoming a doctor, which due to financial difficulties, was unable to attain.  Almost half a century later, one of my sons had over 50 degree “Thoracic Scoliosis”, which brought my childhood passion in the human structure to the forefront.  I pursued my dream, and have been a Licensed Massage Therapist since 2006. I was determined to seek out a one of a kind training in this profession and found it, “Structural Energetic Therapy (SET)” (Cranial, Structural, Fascia and Kinesiology).  Specialized in Acute and Chronic Pain. As a Rehabilitation Therapist, there are only less than 200 SET therapists with minimum of 3 years hands on training throughout the nation.